Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mum Visit Update

We got through the weekend and our usual Monday night swimming class chaos just fine here in West Lafayette. Mum is a great help with the kids and they in turn love playing with “Granny Owens”. They were very good at “helping” her out of bed quite early each morning over the weekend. I managed to take a few pictures of various activities thus far, somehow poor Isabel was never in Granny’s area when the camera appeared. Even Daddy managed to get in a picture with her. Lorraine and Randy were kind enough to offer to come watch the kids for a few hours on Sunday night so we got out to dinner, just the two of us. The timing was perfect since it was actually Mothers Day in Ireland (Mothers day is a different date in the USA).

Lynne is doing well in the UK. She had a good weekend with Dave and Pat. Her brother Keith and his wife Sam and four children (some young adults) all came over for a gathering and a family meal. Lynne then Skyped (if that’s an actual verb?) the kids yesterday evening which they got very excited about. Thankfully Connor enjoyed it and didn’t get too upset.

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