Monday, May 02, 2011

Anja’s 6th Birthday Party

This week our little girl, Anja, turned over a new year and yesterday we celebrated her 6th birthday in style. I think it was the biggest birthday party we’ve hosted to date. In all I think we had about 20 kids of various ages but mostly Anja’s age from school. We were extremely fortunate with the weather; we had a warm sunny day with clear blue skies. We had our usual fruit, grilled meats, drinks and assorted sweet items in addition to cake and ice-cream. Lynne and Brooke organized several party games which went down really well. An additional bonus feature this year was Brooke’s face painting which was very popular. 

Many did lots of work to make the day go smoothly; however, as always Brooke and Lorraine seem to always go a little above and beyond what would be considered normal. A big “Thank You”, to each of you. I must also thank all who came to make it such an enjoyable occasion for Anja and ourselves.

As usual, many photos were taken, the highlights are shown below with many more available here for the intrigued reader.

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