Saturday, May 21, 2011

Davey and Sam having a Baby, Two of Them !!

I had an excellent text awaiting me this morning as I scrolled through my phone waiting for the coffee pot to spring into action. It read “****NEWSFLASH**** We’re having a baby, two in fact…double trouble”. This wonderful and extremely exciting news came from Davey and Sam, my brother and fiancée who currently live in Dublin. They're due on November 28th, Sam’s birthday, what a present! I spoke with him this morning and offered out heartfelt congratulations. They will make wonderful parents.

I have been urging him to re-start his blog, and over the last few months he has started promising to do so, I never connected the dots. Anyhow, recall that Davey and Sam toured the planet for a few years ago and blogged their way through it, I'm hoping with the pregnancy and coming children they will have lots of exciting stories and pictures to soon start sharing again.

I just love this picture below of Davey and Sam together with Anja many years ago when we visited England.

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