Monday, May 02, 2011

The Girls Show

This Saturday, Anja and Isabel (and I) were in a Dance Show at the Loeb Playhouse down at Purdue University. Since January, on Tuesday afternoons, the girls have been taking dance lessons or rather they partake in a fun dance class. There were several classes to choose from, Anja did ballet for beginners and Isabel did a mixture of dance styles. 

The finale of these lessons is a 1.5 hour Dance Show each spring with dancers ranging from 3 up to about 18 showcasing their skills. Isabel was actually in a Dad’s dance session; hence I was up on stage helping her do her stuff. Lynne, Connor and Mum all attended and all had a great time, particularly the girls who were fully dressed out for the occasion and were even instructed to wear a little make-up. As you can imagine, they really hated that part :))

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