Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

It’s evening here on Memorial Day (Happy Memorial Day everyone), the kids are now in bed exhausted and all is finally quiet. We had an extremely busy weekend. We had Lorraine and Randy over for dinner on Friday, Steef and Ginette over on Saturday, we then had two days of dinner and an afternoon of playing, first at Kaisa and Kevin’s on Sunday and all day today with Lisa and Brad.

The kids never got a moments rest and you know how it goes, they’re fueled by lots of food with deserts and the excitement of playing with friends, throw in lots of free space for running around and a sprinkler at every turn. They run straight through the exhaustion barrier right until you tell them its time to go home and then all hell breaks loose. They melt….which is followed by lots of tears. It's nice reflecting on it, it's awful at the time!

We had a great weekend with many friends, I even got to see Anton for the first time, Kevin and Kaisa’s one month old boy, met some new friends at Lisa and Brad’s house today, thanks to all for making it a great time.

I took some photos, there are more online and I’ll get even more from Kaisa when she has time (probably when Anton is one). Have a good week everybody. 

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