Monday, June 13, 2011

Mum's New Bike

The picture below, which I received from Mum the other day, tells a few different stories. Firstly, it clearly shows Mum on her new bike, she’s clearly very proud of it. It looks like a great bike Mum; I hope you enjoy many many miles on it.

Secondly, when Mum was over I gave her a few computer and camera tips, all of which she has clearly mastered since I received this picture via email. Well done Mum this is also great; keep it up.

Finally, this is a picture of Mum fully intentioned on riding a few miles every couple of days to stay healthy. She has recently been trying to eat a little better and get a little exercise. It’s paying off for her too. She is a great example of the idea that you don’t have to ride the Tour de France or run a marathon to stay healthy. A short period of exercise a few days a week and pretty soon you will feel amazing and start to look even better. It has rubbed off on Eddie and Eilish who also recently bought new bikes. Have lots of fun guys!!

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