Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lynne in Marseille

Lynne has been away travelling this week so to give it a sports analogy, we’re playing here with one man down. She is at a very small conference in Marseille. It was a short trip so she’ll be back tomorrow. If you read this love; we all miss and Love you, have a safe trip home, we’ll see you tomorrow.

Things have gone very smoothly for the most part. I’m not exactly on my own here, I still have Brooke and Pat helping so all is well. The kids all went off to the zoo with Brooke yesterday, they had a great time. Thanks for taking them Brooke, they have not yet stopped talking about all the animals they saw.

During the week, the kids have also had lots of bonding time with Gran. She is now fully fluent in the bedtime rituals of bath, teeth, jim-jams and books. They love their routines and love their stories and books even more.

We had Randy, Lorraine, Kay and Nancy over for dinner last night. Kay and Nancy are here in town for Danielle’s wedding so we aware keen to catch up with them since we generally only see them once or twice a year. Danielle is Randy and Nancy’s niece who is being married as I type (Good luck to you both). Shown below are few pictures from the discussion above plus a few shots of the kids today. 

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