Saturday, August 13, 2011

Isabel's 4th Birthday Party

We had another great day here in WL having fun with many of our friends, this time to celebrate Isabel’s 4th birthday, which was actually this last Thursday. The weather could not have been more perfect, lots of people came, all had fun and generally it was a great day. Isabel's ankle has also healed sufficiently so that helped. It’s such a lot of fun to see so many kids race around after each other, high on all sorts of sugary content, and generally enjoying the gathering.

Thanks to all of you who came, a special thanks to those of you who helped out and contributed. Brooke made the cake as usual, a true labor of love; she does such a good job at it.

There are a couple of pictures below and as always, if you feel an urgent need to scroll and/or download a 100 odd more photos, click here. Thank you once again everybody for making today a special for Isabel.

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