Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wea Creek Apples

Today we had our big annual trip to a local orchard. This year we visited a new orchard just opened, Wea Creek Orchard. Fortunately for us it it’s now only a short trip (the orchard we had previously visited was a 35 min drive but has since closed).

Turns out Lynne knows Perry the owner, he works at Purdue and Lynne has met him a few times. He gave us all a tractor and trailer ride out through the apple, pear and peach orchards, through a few pumpkin patches (we picked three) and on a walking tour of the bee hive area.

We got lots of apples, jam and honey, nothing like a freshly picked apple in autumn. Anja ate three and Connor even gnawed his way through one. Lynne then made a delicious Apple Custard Pie for dessert….Yum!!

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