Monday, December 05, 2011

Extended Birthday Celebrations

It’s Monday morning and I’m reflecting on my rather unexpected extended birthday weekend. It all got off to a great start on Friday morning with cards and gifts from the kids and Lynne but it was most memorable because of the shower of affection from the girls, they are so cute. The day continued to get better, helped by the fact that I was on vacation, when I managed to get a great 9 mile run in. It was a warm sunny clear blue-sky day, incredible for December.  Then I joined Anja at School to make their Gingerbread Houses.

I thought that was pretty much it but Lynne told me at lunch that she had arranged for both of us to head to Chicago for the weekend, wow, that was cream on top. Randy and Lorraine had graciously agreed to watch the kids for the weekend whilst we headed for a relaxing weekend with Kay in Chicago. Friday evening we had Thai food and joined Dave and Emily and their friends. Saturday we had Italian food, toured around Chicago and visited The Art Institute. Sunday we went for a long walk along the lakeshore and went to Chinatown for lunch.

We had a fantastic weekend; thanks as always are due to many. Thank You.

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