Monday, February 06, 2012

Iron Lady, Musical Instruments, Sewing and more.....

As normal we had a relatively action packed weekend. On Friday, Lynne and I were treated to a night out since Randy and Lorraine offered to take the kids to dinner followed by a night at the Lafayette Symphony’s Lollipop concert. This was preceded by a hands-on instrument opportunity. Many thanks once again. 

We took advantage with dinner at our local Vietnamese restaurant followed by the movies to see The Iron Lady, which I thought was just about OK. They could have done more with the story but Meryl Streep played the role extremely well. 

Saturday we were invited to an Australia Day party, one of Lynne’s colleagues comes from Australia and they throw a party every year. Sunday was more like a normal day, Lynne was working with Anja on her sewing technique, we did some cooking, reading followed by swimming in the afternoon.

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