Thursday, February 02, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI

Most of you will of heard of The Super Bowl, the final championship game of the American Football NFL (or simply football as they call it here). As you can imagine, it’s a big deal in this country. Indeed it’s a big deal worldwide with a TV audience of well over 100 million. It’s a de-facto national holiday.

Well this year it’s being held in Indianapolis, about a quarter of a mile from where I work. The city has been a zoo over the last two weeks. Over a hundred thousand people are expected to celebrate throughout the city each day this week.

This morning a work colleague, Brian Huckabee, and myself took a little photographic tour of the city at 7:30am for about an hour while the light was good and before the crowd got going. It was an interesting tour with many photo opportunities.

The blue fountain picture was actually taken outside my work’s headquarters. This year’s game, Super Bowl XLVI (46), will be held at Lucas Oil Stadium, starting at 6:30pm, between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. Madonna will play at half time. I took way to many photos, shown below are some of my favorite shots but more can be seen here. My favorite is the first one of the JW Marriott downtown. It's a majestic building that I see almost everyday. I love this photo, obviously I played around with the colors and exposure levels as I processed the photos.

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