Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome Home Mommy

It’s late Friday evening and although Lynne has experienced a cancelled flight, a re-booking followed by a delay, she is still on track for getting home from New Jersey sometime before the kids wake up….I hope anyhow because I’ve been promising them all week that she’d be here on Saturday morning.

The kids and I will be glad when she is home. Things went just fine this week, no major dramas, Brooke, Randy and Lorraine were a big help, everybody is healthy, we all slept well and life continued as normal, however, there is nothing more depressing as holding a crying two year old every morning sobbing to the very musical tune of “I want Mommy” for 30 minutes, we all missed her.

Shown below are a couple of pictures of the kids in recent weeks. The picture of Anja is extremely typical right now. She has had a breakthrough in independent reading. She reads about one book a day at the moment (her short books that is) and whenever there is a quiet moment, she steals herself off….Have a nice weekend everybody.

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