Saturday, April 07, 2012

Children's Museum

I’ve been going through a backlog of photos tonight and I finally got to the photos from the recent trip to The Children’s Museum in Indianapolis. Brooke, together with her friend Kaitlyn, were brave enough to go on the road for the day and take them all on a little field trip. I know from the stories that we heard that the kids had a great day and as I went through the photos tonight, it certainly seemed that way.

I have said it numerous times previously on these pages and we’ve certainly expressed the same views to Brooke personally but it’s so hard for Lynne and myself to express the sheer degree of thanks that we owe Brooke for all that she does for our children and thus for us. They may never fully appreciate the kindness, patience, care, affection, tenderness and love that she showers on them but we certainly do. As I’ve stated before, she is the reason that we can lead the hectic lives we do. Brooke, if you ever read this, we thank you most sincerely for all that you do. 
As always, shown below are some select shots. My favorite, Anja brushing in the dinosaur dig area. This is only because it reminds me of our very first trip that museum. In that very very spot, a two-year-old Anja who was very recently transitioned out of diapers wet herself. This one mother in the area freaked out, it was like Anja peed nuclear waste, she called security who in turn evacuated the area and cordoned it off. What a day....

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