Thursday, April 26, 2012

They Need to Look Like This!!

I hope everybody’s week is going well. It’s Thursday night and we're approaching a crazy busy weekend ahead. I know, we only seem to do this kind. My Mum, Granny Owens, arrives tomorrow evening and everybody is really excited to see her. On Saturday it’s Anja’s 7th birthday, but since both her and Isabel are involved in a dance recital most of the day, we are having her birthday party on Sunday. I’m tired already. I’ll obviously be posting updates as we go along.

You’ll love the little picture below. To celebrate her birthday, Anja wanted to take cupcakes to school tomorrow for her class. So, to be sure she provided sufficient direction, she drew a little picture. Her spelling still needs some work, but in case we were unsure “They need to look like this!” was a clear message. We love you sweetheart.

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