Friday, May 25, 2012

Granny Owens's Last Day

Today is my Mum’s last day with us here in West Lafayette; she travels home to Ireland tomorrow morning. Whilst she is understandably a little sad to be leaving us all, she is excited to be getting home again after a month away. She is anxious to see Dad who has been in hospital in Ireland while she was here and of course she is very close to my sister Eilish and she will be looking forward to seeing her on Saturday evening too.

It was absolutely wonderful to have Mum here these last few weeks. It was great to have her great company and help throughout the month but specifically while Lynne was travelling; it made all our lives easier. The kids will truly miss her, she spoils them so much and of course since Connor is getting older, he too will now start to have lasting memories of Granny Owens’s visits. Thanks for everything Mum, travel safely home.

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