Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Treasure Hunts

Yesterday I alluded to two Treasure Hunts that Lynne conceived of for the party at the weekend. Given the sheer amount of effort and work that Lynne put into these, I thought it deserved its own post on here. The main hunt was for the older girls whilst the slightly smaller one was for the five younger kids. The only differences between the two were the complexity of the clues; the bigger kids had cryptic riddles whilst the smaller ones had pictures cut into pieces that had to be assembled to find the next clue. The bigger kids also had to do an activity between clues (mostly designed to slow them down).

Each hunt climaxed in a treasure box containing an assortment of trinkets that only kids enjoy. It was wildly popular, they really got into it and the pictures cannot possibly show their excitement since they were running crazy around the garden from place to place.

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Julie M said...

Lynne, I pretty much consider you Super Mom!