Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vacation in Michigan

We’re back, we’re back from our week-long vacation in the small beautiful towns of Saugatuck and Holland in Michigan. Clearly I could have posted updates during our trip but I never wish to advertize online that we’re all away and the house is empty.

We had a great week as usual. Once again we travelled with Randy and Lorraine and the key focus was relaxing and taking it a little easier than our normal busy lives. We did manage to fill the time with bike riding, fishing, swimming, the beach, a picnic, some sightseeing, great food, lots of blueberries and plenty of downtime. I think there was something in the tip for everybody. Our thanks again go out to Randy and Lorraine for their friendship and the vacation together, we truly enjoyed the week. I actually had to cut it a little short; this weekend was a Chicago weekend. I returned yesterday evening.

I have spent a little while this evening sorting photos, less than I’d like but I have an exam in two weeks that I need to study for. I’ll have more updates during the week however, but in the meantime see below on more here.

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