Saturday, September 01, 2012

Isabel's Story

Since today was an extremely wet day, remnants of hurricane Issac, the girls entertained themselves with writing stories, on the computer. I was not given permission to post Anja’s story but Isabel didn’t care. She was very proud of her efforts, which made perfect sense to her. I’m sure you can figure it all out.
"Once upuntim therwr a kigdom and that  kigdomhad a princess a and that  prnicessluvt t o red wun dae the pricess hrd a nock on the dor et wus the mail man
The mail man had brot a packig the prnicss oped et en et wus a goges ganthet nit he wet to a bal athe he dast wef a hasum man un the bol son the bol wus ovovr ad he wet to tobed the next mon he went to the library
Aftr he wet awtsid and he pek sum berries ad he prekt hr fedr o the fon
Sudl he wup theend"

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Lindsay said...

Isabel for the win! :)