Monday, November 19, 2012

Overdue Update

Fall (or Autumn) is truly here and we are currently enjoying some nice crisp clear sunny weather this Thanksgiving week. I have a couple of pictures of the kids to illustrate the highlights and low events of these past few weeks.

We’ve been busy getting the garden wrapped up for the year, managed to get all the leaves cleaned up and Lynne planted over 300 tulip bulbs (crazy I know) but they will look crazy beautiful in the Spring.

Either Brooke or Lynne snapped some beautiful shots of Connor and Isabel all dressed up the other morning for their school photos. You’d never believe they spend most of the time winding each other up (or rather he antagonizing his sister).

Finally, I was in Chicago this weekend, bad timing since two of the kids had fevers, nasty cold symptoms and were generally out of sorts. Lynne held down the fort with tough nights, vomit episodes, and not much sleep. Thank you again. All is much better now, luckily it seems to have been a short-lived bug.

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