Saturday, December 08, 2012

Connor's 3rd Birthday Bash.....

We had a very exciting afternoon celebrating Connor’s 3rd birthday. There was lots of food, drinks, cake, ice-cream, singing, play, and most of all lots of very excited kids. They all knew each other very well from other parties and school so they were running all over and all very relaxed. Great to see, the memories.

I took many pictures as usual, some of which are shown below but many others here. A huge thank-you to all who came, helped out and brought presents, made it a fun event for Connor and us. You're all such good friends, we're lucky to have you. A big thank you again to Brooke who made a special effort with his fire truck cake which tasted great, I think it was her best effort yet, many many thanks. Finally, a special note to Granny Owens who continues to send each of the kids their birthday outfit. Today was no different and he loved the clothes.

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