Sunday, December 02, 2012

Happy 40th Birthday Paul

Many thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes today. For those of you who missed it, I moved into a new decade today and although the facts of this are indisputable, I simply cannot believe that I’m now 40. I guess its time to start working on that mid-life crisis.

I have had a great day so far. Three very excited kids this morning offering presents and huge hugs and kisses. I also had a great present from Lynne (new watch) a very relaxing morning and my favorite cake of all, a fruitcake, some of which I’ve had for both breakfast and lunch. Thank-you Love. The kids were more excited however to try some excellent cupcakes I got from two very kind classmates yesterday.

A big thank you all again, it’s so nice to wake up on one’s birthday to have so many well wishes. Let the next 40 years begin. The pictures below are pretty self explanatory except the one of me taken earlier this year at work with a false mustache one of the ladies of work gave me.

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Toshi Nagate said...

Congratulations Paul. Hope your next decade be even more successful.