Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where is Spring??

We're all starting to get a little desperate for Spring here in West Lafayette. Every couple of days we're teased with some sunshine and a few warm rays only to be quickly thrown back into freezing  temperatures again. Yesterday was pretty typical. 

Steef and Ginette came over with their girls and we all played outside for a few hours, albeit whilst well wrapped up in warm jackets. I even dragged the grill and a few deck chairs out from the garage and dusted their cobwebs. We threw on a few steaks, beef and tuna, and formally announced grilling season to have finally arrived. Yippeee....All of this jubilation was merely met with a bitterly cold and snowy morning....when will Spring arrive? Trying hard to utter these sentiments without  some profanity, this weather is now officially getting old.....

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