Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chaney Award and Publication in a Nature Journal

This blog is mostly about the kids and our lives revolving around them. On occasion I do need to brag a little about our other jobs, what we do to get paid.

Lynne recently won a very prestigious award at Purdue, The Chaney Faculty Scholar Award. This is a big deal and I need to say this since Lynne never would. There was a write-up on this at Purdue yesterday, which can be viewed here. It really is quite incredible that in the same year she managed to win the best publication of the entire year in both of the two major pharmaceutical science journals with completely different work. She is amazing and we are very proud of her.

Since we are at it, I also need to let you know that yesterday I too accomplished something I never thought I would. I was the lead author on a publication in a Nature journal. Over two years, I was part of an incredible team that assembled a manuscript on our groundbreaking group at Lilly. The publication, appeared online yesterday in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery entitled: A Decade of Innovation in PharmaceuticalR&D: The Chorus Model.

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