Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day and Lynne's Birthday

This is a combined blog post to recognize Mothers Day but also Lynne’s Birthday. To Lynne, the best mother I know, wishing you a great day, you sincerely deserve at least one day a year when we recognize all the things you do for us all. Thank you. This is not to detract from our warmest wishes to my Mum, Theresa and Lynne’s Mum, Pat; we love you both and continue to thank you for everything you did for us over the years.

Lynne’s birthday is next Saturday but since I’ll be travelling this week and next (Italy, Ireland, Germany), we celebrated last night. The girls and I continued our tradition of Carrot Cake and she was wonderfully surprised. The girls were actually a huge help this year. Happy Birthday Lynne. The scanned pictures below are a sampling of the various hand decorations Lynne received.

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