Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday Activities

I trust everybody’s weekend is going well? We had a pretty typical but very relaxing Saturday.

Lynne and Connor completed a large pillow, his reward for having read 25 books to us. He is doing very well in his reading, spurred on by a points system where he gets points for books and is able to redeem them for various items. 25 books = large batman pillow, what a bargain!

The kids had a morning of swimming practice during which and I managed a 4mile run in very cold (30F) windy weather, you can see the details here. Today is week six of my running streak, meaning I have run at least a mile every day since 06th Dec 2015. Isabel got out her rubber stamps in the afternoon. We also played about 20 games of Uno, Daddy was a clear winner today!

Finally, we had a wonderfully relaxing evening with Randy & Lorraine! Simply relaxing and enjoying great friends!

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