Monday, May 23, 2016

Friends Over for summer dinner

ISABEL: Tonight we had Aneka, Marissa, Steef, and Ginette over for a summer dinner. We had beef burgers, chips and guacamole, fresh fruit, hotdogs, and kebabs. After dinner Anja, Aneka, Connor, Marissa and I played outside. Soon afterwards Connor was sent to bed and all the other kids had races and played hide-and-seek. Finally it was time for Aneka and Marissa to go home and Anja and I to go to bed. It had been a really fun evening with Aneka, Marissa, Steef, and Ginette!

Paul: By convention going forward, I will add the authors name as pre-text and while exercising editorial oversight, I will limit editing to focus on appropriateness...this will be fun over the summer. For all of you who cheered Isabel on over the last 24 hours, thanks, I told her who had said what and it really lifted her spirits.

Photo Credits to Anja.

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