Monday, June 06, 2016

Isabel's Summary of the Weekend "My Fun Weekend"

ISABEL: Finally it was time to go to Wisconsin! Last time Daddy and Connor went to Wisconsin, Anja and I were in England. We drove to Chicago to spend the night at Kay’s house. When we got to Chicago we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo. We saw all sorts of animals like giraffes, wild dogs, and fennec foxes. My favorite were the gorillas. When we were done at the zoo we went to the Italian Village restaurant. When we got to Kay’s we got our beds ready, changed into our swimsuits and went swimming in the pool in Kay’s building. In the morning we drove to Wisconsin. We ate lunch at a restaurant called Sharkz. All of the kids played in the water and tried to catch a black fish. Then we drove to a store with Daddy’s friend and picked up some food for the weekend. When we got to the cabin we went tubing. After everyone had got a turn we stopped at a shallow part of the lake and played in the water. After everyone was tired out we went back to the cabin, ordered pizza and the fished until the pizza got hear. Soon we went to bed, eager for the next day in Wisconsin. The next morning we went to eat at a place called Aunt Judy’s. When we got home we watched movies, went fishing and went tubing again. This time I fell out of the tube! We went home and had dinner. Our fun weekend in Wisconsin had nearly come to an end. The next morning we packed our stuff and went back to Kay’s we went out to a chinese restaurant and met Kay’s friend Anita. When we got back to Kay’s we went swimming again. We went to bed and now it is the morning and we are going to the park and then the face fountain. After that we are going home and ending our fun weekend!  

PAUL: I was very proud of this descriptive summary from Isabel. I had both girls type a one page summary of the weekend and Connor a list of favorite activities!

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