Friday, June 10, 2016

We are a Chess Family!

We play chess in our house. I know most families have many great traditions, and of course we do too, but one of my favorites is that we play chess. As you will see from a suite of pictures below taken over the years, I started the kids off young with checkers and then moved them up to chess. They all play now and I think each actually really enjoy it. Tonight Anja did a classic knight fork on king/rook against Randy that any chess player would be very proud of, I certainly was!

Connor is currently at the point where a weekend is not a fulfilled weekend if we don’t play a few games. Love it!!

As you see from the pictures, many of of our friends also love to play and this really helps. Our great friend Randy is a true trooper in this regard, always willing to play the kids. This post was sparked by the first picture below. It was sent it me today by Kaisa (thanks again), snapped as she noticed Connor (6) and her son Anton (5) sitting down to “do battle” of their own accord. Score!!

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