Thursday, June 23, 2005

Glad Midsommar till alla i Sverige!!

Hi Everybody,

To all in Sweden, Glad Sommar. Friday June 24th 2005, for everybody else it will be a normal working day but be rest assured that everybody in Sweden, yes the entire country, will be feasting with good food, lots of drink and songs galore. This is their one day in the year (closet Friday to June 21st ) when absolutely everything is forgotten and fun is had by all. Wish I was with you...hmmm, vad gott ..

It has been a few days so here is another photo.... (in case you were feeling like there was no update.....)

All is well here, getting through the week. So far its been going well.

Keep you posted!!

1 comment:

Davey and Sammy said...

We are getting worried – Anja is growing at an enormous rate, angledust can be the only explanation!

She looks beautiful in her outfit - Sammy is so proud of her selection. Can you send us that photo in an email – that’s one for the album!

Keep’em coming……….

Love uncle Davey and Antie Sammt :-)