Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend Update

The summer has finally arrived to West Lafayette, or so it appears in any case. It's been 80°F both days!!

I got a bike ride in on Friday afternoon before another long run (11 mile) in preparation for our half marathon on May 5th, the Indianapolis Mini Marathon. Then caught up with Randy and Loraine again to go for a much more relaxing family bike ride and picnic together with their grandchildren, Scotlyn, Cy and Logan.

Dusted off the grill/BBQ yesterday evening which officially started the summer outdoor meat, fish, salad and beer culinary summer feast!! I love this time of the year. We were able to sit out until almost 9.30pm, no bugs just a cool breeze!!

Got some chores done this morning and another batch of home brew, an Extra Pale Ale, before Lynne hit the road. She left at lunch for a two stage business trip to both Wisconsin and New Jersey. She'll be back on Friday evening so I'm holding down the fort, with a lot of help from Lindsay of course!!

Have a great week everyone!!

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