Friday, June 08, 2007

Lynne in Full Glory

With only 8 weeks till the next Owens arrives, Lynne is certainly showing signs of late stage pregnancy. Starting to feel very uncomfortable, the Indiana summer currently in the upper 80's is not helping, particularly given the high humidities that we are experiencing right now.

She is doing great, we are very proud of her. Perfect pregnancy thus far (I'm now knocking on wood). Just need to wait a little longer, with a bit of luck this one will actually arrive on time unlike Anja who had to be induced into this world two weeks after her due date and even then hung on for an additional 27 hours. I'm now knocking on wood again ......

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Bruno and Sheri said...


Lynne you look great. I hope you are hanging in there and remember to keep swimming! It was really good seeing you guys a few weeks ago.