Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lynne's Reaserch Group Visits

This weekend, the highlight was having Lynne’s entire research group over for a BBQ on Saturday afternoon. We got rained out but it was nice nonetheless. Everybody attended with the exception of Dave who is currently doing an internship at Abbot. It was nice to see everybody again, particularly the more recent students. Now that they are fully complete, this will be the last time I get to see both Patrick and Håkan. Steve, who has been Lynne’s post-doc for over two years will also soon leave for a teaching job. So it really was a time to say good-bye to the old guard and hello to the new.

Shown below is almost the entire group. As noted Dave was away but Patrick had to leave early with a stomach bug. He and his wife Megan did manage to come see everybody before they had to leave.

Ever notice how our dog Daisy almost manages to be in every shot!

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