Monday, June 25, 2007

Big News this Week - Potty Training

Well it's hard to imagine how one could get really excited about being able to go to the toilet, but when you're the proud parent of a 2 year old toddler, that's exactly what happens. Upon reflexion of this sentence, it's amazing how ones life changes in such a short time :)

This past few days we have been working really hard on getting potty trained. With Lindsay during the day and with us taking up the evening shift (mostly Lynne I must add), she is doing really well. She is in underwear all day with very few mishaps! Yes there are mishaps. It's hard not to show annoyance with a pool of pee on the floor or the carpet, but we are very focused on constant praise at her efforts. It's been less than a week and she is having very few mishaps.There are still nappies at night of course. More on this subject later. Thanks are due to Lindsay for launching into this piece of extra effort after not much discussion.

Not much else to update on. Have a great week everybody!!

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Anonymous said...

Grattis till pott-framstegen!

I thoroughly appreciate this major step in toddlerhood. :) It is probably a good idea to have it taken care of before you have to start to change newborn size diapers again!