Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mummy's on a Short Twip

Anja and myself are getting some quality time tonight since Lynne is away on her final trip prior to the arrival of Owens 2.0. She left early this morning since she had a four hour trip by car to north Chicago.

When she goes away, we classify the trip for Anja as either a "Short" or a "Long" trip so that she can understand when Lynne will be back. By way of assuring herself, she then goes around the house repeating to herself  that "Mummy is on a Short Twip". It's quite cute.  Of course it's all very well until she falls or something.  The tears roll and she wants her Mummy, but no amount of assuring her that Mummy is only on a "short trip" is anyway helpful!! Then it's not very cute at all.

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