Monday, June 16, 2008

Back from India

I'm sure by now, you are all tired of the map of India. I made it back in one piece, boy what a country. A few key observations.

There are people everywhere. It's almost impossible to look somewhere where there are no people at any one time. I guess that's what happens with over 1 billion people. There is a lot of poverty. People on average clearly do not live at the standards of western society but everybody looked reasonably happy. Nobody seemed to be obviously hungry. The food we had was excellent. I ate Indian food twice a day for the entire week but admittedly I was ready for a salad when I returned.

The biggest impression I had however were the stark contrasts everywhere. From the houses, cars, people, buildings and many other items. On many occasions we drove on roads (barely roads) to get to the facilities I was visiting, would pass hundreds of people lying in the street dressed poorly and generally looking poor. We would then enter the building to meet some of my business contacts and it was like walking into a corporate office on Wall St. One would never know you were in India. the same was true of my hotel and almost all of the places we ate. It is a diverse nation.

It was a great trip and my hosts were wonderful. Vinay and Ram shown were my driver and assistant during my trip.

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