Monday, June 16, 2008

A Long Overdue Update

So...what's been happening...lots it seems. I know it's been a while since my last real update, life has been hectic.

Just after my return from India, Lynne was away for a night, Isabel has not been sleeping that well, everybody is really tired and generally life seems like it's what you see when you fast forwrd a video or DVD recording!

The girls are doing great in general. Isabel is now fully mobile, climbing on everything, walking round the furniture and following Anja all over the place. Anja, totally oblivious of course, never slows down and is getting very defiant. Every daily activity is challenged!! Great, when can we ship them off to college??

Lynne and myself are doing well. Both busy at work. Lynne just received notice today of two successful federal funding appliactions. This is a big deal, she is really happy.

HÃ¥kan, who now lives in Sweden, was here for a few days holiday last week. It was great to see him again, he has not changed one bit. For those of you who do know him will appreciate that! We received pictures of their daughter, Tindra, which I will post later in the week.

The weather has been weird here. Dosen't seem like we had any Spring, but summer is certainly here now! Hot and humid (80's). Lynne and I actually got out for a 20 mile bike ride together yesterday. Lorraine kindly came over to watch the girls! It was nice to be out on the roads together again. I did not mention it at the time in case I jinxed us but the last time we did that together, Isabel had just been born and Lynne fell and broke her wrist. We got back just fine yesterday!

I will provide another update Friday, I actually travel to San Diego tomorrow morning but return Thursday! Have a good week.

Darn....having trouble uploading pictures!!

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