Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody. To our family scattered across, Indonesia, Australia, Ireland, The Netherlands and England, we hope you have a very relaxing holiday and a peaceful New Year. Don't eat to little or drink to much, we are thinking of you all. Speak to you all soon.

Shown below are the two Christmas stockings that Santa will be filling in our house tonight. Lynne has been making these over the last few nights. I need to document for the purpose of all future reading that today, Anja is excited beyond belief. This is her first Christmas to fully realize that Santa will actually be visiting our house tonight (only if she continues to be good of course). She can hardly speak with excitement. She is all ready to go to bed early, leave out some cookies and milk and assures us that she will have no problems sleeping. We are not that convinced so we purposefully avoided any nap this afternoon. She came up to me earlier (1pm) and sighed, "Daddy, this is a really long day, when will it be night time?" You have to love that!

Last night we visited Randy and Lorraine for Delia's birthday, it was a fun evening!

Merry Christmas!


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Lindsay said...

Merry Christmas, Owenses!! Thank you so very much for the visit today. We truly, truly enjoyed it. I hope you're very blessed in the coming year. The Goodwin Family loves you all!