Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Holiday Update

It was all excitement here Christmas morning, albeit much later than we had thought. Anja didn't actually emerge from her bed until 8am, the last one of the house. She wasted no time however in ripping into the plethora of presents that Santa had left together those that were already under the tree.

We had Kasia, Kevin and family over for Christmas dinner which went perfectly. The turkey was cooked to perfection (4 hours), I made a bread sauce from scratch, we had soup, lots of vegetables, gravy, brussels sprouts and roast potatoes of course, fresh baked bread, three types of deserts, homemade truffles and toffees, wine, sparkling wine, port, lots of coffee and lots lots more. We ate all day and were fully laden down by the time the Webb family left in the evening. We had a great day.

We have been taking it very easy since with open fire going since Christmas Eve, lots of movies, leftover food, a little shopping and it seems like we are reading books all the time. Isabel is feeling much better from her ear infection (I had her to the doctor on Christmas Eve) but now Anja has some virus since her temperature is spiking every few hours.

I hope your holiday is going as well as ours :)


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