Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Still Icy Here

It has been bitterly cold here over the last few weeks. Well below freezing and the remains of several inches of snow are still hanging on. We even had some new snow this morning which caught everybody by surprise, particularly in Indianapolis where 4-6 inches fell and sadly some people lost their lives in a traffic accident.

We're all doing well here. Lynne has been away in sunny Puerto Rico since Sunday morning. She returns late tonight. Although she claims that she didn't get to enjoy the 80F weather down there, she did manage a little swim in the sea!! That's nice work in February if you can get it...:) Anyhow, I'm sure she will be exhausted when she returns, not much fun travelling 12 hours each way for a 1.5 day meeting.

The girls are doing great, they have so much energy. I must type for the record that it's simply hysterical to watch them both interact right now. Typically, Anja is buzzing around doing something or other, generally oblivious to Isabel. Isabel on the other hand is in constant eye contact and continually mimicking her, absolutely every action, sound, run, jump, skip and hop....

A few pictures posted below from January....arts and crafts, painting, drawing, scribbling etc is the favored activity these days!



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