Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy New Year

I know those sentiments are a little late, but I'm guessing one can never be too late with a kind sentiment.

We have all been keeping well over the January period. No major activities to report really. The two girls plus Lynne have each been sick with a nasty stomach bug. I've no idea how I seemed to avoid it. I've been away with work for a few days (New York), just two nights so it was pretty short.

We have all been going to the gym on weekends. This sports club with which we have a membership have a babysitting service. It works great to drop the girls off for about an hour while we do some form of exercise and then we all swim or rather splash around in the pool. The girls love it and we have done this now for each weekend in January. Lets see how long it continues.

We celebrated Brad's birthday, visited with Kaisa and Kevin (after we went sledging), had dinner at Randy and Lorraine's house, in essence all of our usual weekend activities.

Work is work, no real change there!!

We have a busy schedule in February. Lynne leaves on a trip this Sunday for a few days (can't recall where she is off to, Puerto Rico I think), we are having a Friday night off, Feb 6th (more later) so we are staying in Indy and catching a show at the theatre and then we are off skiing for a long weekend the following week (more on that later also).

Anyhow, sorry it's been a while, I trust you are all well, check back for more updates.

We had six inches of snow last night by the way here in West Lafayette.

You can all Thank Ginette for the post. She emailed asking for an update (thanks Ginette, I needed a jolt).


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