Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dress Up with Daisy

Before the kids arrived, Daisy was our baby. She had a full year of exclusivity before Anja arrived and boy was she spoiled. One could argue that she's still spoiled but, lets just say not as much as the kids are. We literally have hundreds of pictures of Daisy as a pup, ahh, that first year!

Anyhow, the picture below captures the scene that I arrived too one evening recently when I returned home from work. Both girls were dressing Daisy, essentially playing dress up as they often do but in this case Daisy was the doll. As you can see Daisy was licking her lips!! I found it quite entertaining indeed and upon reflection an excellent example of how far down the ladder poor old Daisy has truly fallen.

Tonight I have been sorting pictures again. I have some pictures from Clive and Tracey's wedding uploaded to facebook which I will post here tomorrow night!

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Bruno and Sheri said...

Daisy looks like she is enjoying it! No?