Monday, August 24, 2009

A Final Look at Davey and Sam's Site

Back in July 2007, in a first post, I encouraged you all to take an initial look at my brothers blog but warned you that it was going to get active. He, together with his then girlfriend Sam, were just about to sell their UK house and hit off on a world tour. It took then a little while to get going, they never sold their house but they took off nevertheless.

Well, they are now back. We have all followed their trip with excitement every week, the places and people that they visited were simply amazing. They kept a phenomenal blog throughout the journey.

They recently posted a last entry to their blog regarding the trip, The End, which summarizes their journey in many ways. I encourage you to take a look!

By the way, Sam is no longer his girlfriend, they were engaged on a beach in Thailand!

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