Thursday, October 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Randy

Tonight we were over at a surprise birthday party for Randy who turned 59 today. I was part of the scheming, since I was responsible for having him out of the house between 4.30 and 6pm so that Lorraine and Shamim could prepare. We played racketball which was fun, we play reasonably regularly so there was no real need for any suspicion, indeed he taught me how to play! Anyway we had a nice evening!

This is also a great opportunity to thank Randy (and Lorraine) for all his help over the last three weeks. He looked after the girls on several days over the three week transition between nannies and really without him we would not have had such a smooth transition. The girls have gotten quite attached to him in fact! He was also instrumental in helping us fix our dryer (did I mention that we had a hectic last few weeks)!

So, thanks again Randy, we hope you had a very pleasant birthday evening!

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