Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Honda Odyssey.....

One would imagine that increasing ones progeny from two to three would be a relatively minor step. Well, if there is any doubt that our next child will have an impact on our lives, look no further than the picture below!

We searched pretty hard to find suitable car seats to fit three across in our Subaru Outback. It was never going to be easy so we decided to jump into the full American 2.4 child lifestyle with the purchase of a Mini-Van. We got it, a 2010 Honda odyssey EX-L, last weekend and I must say we are pretty happy with it. Not really sure if Lynne is on-board yet!!

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Lindsay said...

Hee hee hee!! I wondered about this! :) I knew you guys were quite anti-minivan, and I wondered how you would solve the addition of a third carseat. :) I've heard great things about the Odyssey. I hope you guys thoroughly enjoy it.

Bruno and Sheri said...

I think it needs racing stripes or something...there is no going back from here.