Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I have not updated these pages for a little while....I had a gentle push from a dear friend :)

Anyhow, much has happened over the last month, we have many items to report and many many people to thank for their help. I will get to all this over the coming evenings but I wanted to first give you an update on our biggest change since my last post.

Kristina, our nanny since February 2008, had to stop working for us. Kristina is pregnant and was struck with a severe case of morning sickness. She is really quite ill, has been throwing up constantly, has been constantly dehydrated, is not eating and is frequently having to visit the ER room. She literally cannot walk around. I think she is currently 10 weeks and I'm sure everybody will be very relieved when she reaches the end of this first trimester.

We were obviously very excited to hear that she was going to be a Mommy, but were then greatly saddened when her sickness prevented her from being able to continue working. Kristina will be a fantastic mother. There is nothing more certain and we know this since we have watched and trusted her to care for our two girls for the last 18 months. She will be a caring Mom, an engaged Mom, a fun Mom, she will do this without much complaint and she will enjoy every moment of it. She will document every milestone and moment of her babies life with excellent photography and she will do all this with her life's friend and Husband. Her children will be her best friend(s) and she will mean it. Our children had a wonderful time with her, particularly the pajama days, they and we will miss her support, company and friendship each day.

Kristina - we are so thankful for everything you have done for us, get well and we'll see you soon!

Paul, Lynne, Anja & Isabel!

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Lindsay said...

Congratulations, Kristina! :) (And I'm sorry to hear that you're so sick.) :(