Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lilly Sells Tippecanoe Labs

Today Lilly announced the sale of its Tippecanoe Laboratories. This is the local Lilly manufacturing site where I started life in Lilly when we first came to West Lafayette. I worked there for over three years before my R&D position was moved to Indianapolis. It is a little sad that after 55 years our local area will loose the presence of Lilly, one of Indiana's most recognized corporations and one that contributed significantly to the local area.

This had been a long awaited announcement but I'm happy that finally those that work there have a cloud of uncertainty lifted. Most readers of this blog will know of Lorraine, well she still works there. And Samim who hosted the Eid celebration works there and we also have a few neighbors that work there.

The site will be in good hands. It was purchased by a private German company, Evoniik AG. They are already off to a great start in making their presence felt, they have offered every employee at the site a position once the deal has completed in December.

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