Friday, October 16, 2009

Tough Time for Isabel Lately

Over the last few weeks, poor Isabel has been through a few wars. She's still battling them.

Apart from constantly having some sort of runny nose (since the day she was born), recently she dislocated her elbow whilst falling at school. This is pretty common apparently and we have since heard of other kids who also
had this happen. The doctor popped it back into place. The same week, I took her again to see the doctor after she got her thumb caught in the door. Anja and her were sparring over who would close the sliding back door. It was slammed shut, I heard it bang so it made it all the way to the jam, it was just a pity that Isabel had her thumb between the door and the jam.

Two weeks ago she has a rash or boil looking infection on her bottom. Off to the doctor again who lanced it, had it cultured which turned out to be the nasty MRSA bacterium. A round of antibiotics took care of that thankfully.

This week, she has had a fever of 103F for a couple of days so we suspected the H1N1 flu virus. It subsided but now has a rash. Another trip to the doctor today who seemed to believe that it was a Roseola virus. Pretty common in kids up to two, not much we can do about it. This was probably the cause of the fever and not the H1N1. We are also now treating a yeast infection that she appears to have picked up. This is probably as a result of the antibiotics mentioned above......

She is a trooper though. Getting through it but she is constant in the wars, recall, that this was the 11 month old who broke her leg!

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