Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Picture Updates

Just a short update with a few newer pictures of Connor. It’s been a busy day here again, a visit to the doctor actually. I did mention that Isabel has a nasty cough, well Anja also has and today we took them to the doctor. To cut a long story short, they each have very restricted lungs and are now on steroids, an inhaler and some antibiotics. Exactly what we need this quiet week of ours! Our only worry is that Connor picks some of this up....more updates tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Paul and Lynn...... he is so so so sweet!!! I am certain, without knowing, I could have taken one look and said, "that has to be Anja and Isabel's brother"!!!
Hope all is going well!! I am sure that you have got your hands quit full with the 3 of them.
We miss the girls and so hope that you can make it to see Santa Wed night :)
I believe that Kristina has recently given you an update. I know she has been talking about wanting to see the girls now that she is vertical....LOL

Got yourselves a beautiful family!!



fiona needleman said...

Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! Wow, what a fabulous family! wishing you all good health and a wonderful Christmas.
lots of love
Fiona, Stephen, Alistair and Katie xxxx