Monday, February 22, 2010

Run Around the Capitol

This evening I did something almost certainly for the first time in my life. As soon as I checked into my hotel in Washington DC, the Georgetown area, instead of rushing to locate the nearest bar and/or steak restaurant, I decided to grab my running shoes instead. I braved the rain, 35F temperatures, slush and headed out for a tourist run around the capitol. Although the conditions were awful, I thoroughly enjoyed my run. I ran through Georgetown past the University, down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House and the Treasury Dept., over to the Mall past the Washington Memorial and up to Capitol Hill and the Congress. I would have dropped in to try knocking some sense into those folks but I decided I’d be wasting my time. I then headed back past all the museums, the national archive, the FBI building, the Smithsonian, all the way up to the World War II and Vietnam memorials and the Lincoln Memorial. I was pretty tired at that point. I headed back for a long hot shower to warm up feeling pretty pleased with my 7 mile run and having seen the sights!!

I then treated myself to a very tasty Ethiopian dinner and a bottle of beer from the Meta Abo Brewery in Addis-Ababa.

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